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Coming-up: Winter 2012 Season

					2012 Season The Winter 2012 season will held in Dublin between February 2012 and April 2012. Tri-Valley Futsal keeps breaking all the records every season, more goals, more players, more games everytime
The 2009/2010 Year at a glance

						2009 Season The 2009-2010 year: According to our records we played more than 693 games, we scored more than 6,000 goals, the average for our games was one goal every 5 minutes. Read more...
Futsal: 2008 Best of East Bay

						Diablo Magazine July 2008: Futsal in the East Bay is Best of Fitness
                    Diablo Magazine Editor picks Futsal as 2008 Best of East Bay "New and Notable" Sport for Fitness. It appears in the July 2008 issue. Read more...
Tri-Valley Futsal welcomes all soccer players to participate in the greatest indoor soccer game ever
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